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Introducing Senator Amy Klobuchar of MN, Dem. Candidate for President in 2020. She is one of the very best Senators — someone who gets along very well with her fellow Senators, including the non-Tea Party GOP types in the Senate; someone whose grandparents were immigrants from Slovenia and Switzerland; someone who drafts meaningful, often by-partisan legislation in a stuck GOP majority Senate (most recently, the HACK act aimed at protecting our election systems’ integrity in 2018 and beyond. If Donald Trump won’t sign that, assuming it goes through, he’s toast.) She’s smart, well-educated, down-to-earth. Her book “The Senator Next Door” is enlightening, funny and not boastful. She is pro-union, pro-healthcare and has close ties in MN’s Iron Range (an area which uncharacteristically went for Trump in 2016, although HRC won the state). She has excellent leadership qualities and she’s a solid fund-raiser, although I’m sure she believes Citizens’ United must be overturned. She comes from a well-educated, still blue state that has a strong reputation for quality of life, excellent medical systems (Mayo, etc.), highly rated medical and software technology companies, and a wealth of quality educational opportunities as well as consistently progressive and clean politics. She’s in her 8th year as a U.S. Senator. Actually for the first six months she served in the Senate she did the job of two senators effectively; Senator Al Franken was also elected in 2009, defeating Norm Coleman, but that race was very close and resulted in a lengthy recount, meaning Senator Franken wasn’t sworn in until July of 2009. She’s 57 years old — not young, but not old. Pair her with Cory Booker (NJ), Beto O’Rourke (TX), Julian or Joaquin Castro (FL), Eric Garcetti (CA), Mike Johnston (CO), Pete Buttigeig (IN), Stacey Abrams (GA) or Joseph P. Kennedy III (MA) (all younger candidates). I particularly like Johnston, O’Rourke, Buttigeig, and Abrams a lot for different reasons. Do your own research.

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