The Intimate Side of Real Women

How much do you #OwnYourBody? Designer Jasmine Smith of Raven + Rose Lingerie discusses her latest collaboration with Sever Mican.

The traditional face of femininity is slowly changing with a rise of power women in the past few years. Jasmine Smith, Founder of Raven + Rose is changing this attitude towards sex and femininty. Her latest project #Ownyourbody is about not just about owning your sexuality, your body, your image but capturing every individual’s story.

Teaming up with Photographer Sever Mican for her latest project, #OwnYourBody presents a raw series of black and white portraits to celebrate individuality. Selecting models with real bodies who ooze body confidence to promote real women, “Our models do not have a huge cleavage or a big bum as it does not add anything to my lingerie. Girls who have so much self-awareness add so much with their edge; regardless of their size and body,” explains Jasmine.

Photographing models of different body diversity including Jennifer Nguyen, Tessa Yung and Alana Tsui, the images capture how females operate themselves in a sensual way; not the typical mainstream model posing seductively in front of the camera. “We wanted an alternative way of presenting women in lingerie and demonstrated as sexual, confident beings,” Jasmine says of her approach. “Sever understands my ethos, and therefore he knows how to draw out the required essence to capture on camera.”


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