My dad’s reasons for leaving the ministry were personal ones, and he had wanted nothing more than…
Ron Collins

Wowww, that is really interesting. There are some churches that make me uncomfortable because they are so money-focused. In one sense, the worker is worth his wages and Pastors do work, but at the same time, one of the churches from my home dropped like 15K on a church sign that isn’t really even in a high visibility area to try to “market better”. :/ My thing is, is it really the church’s job to “market”?

I heard ALL about the end times/rapture growing up (and don’t believe it in the same sense as my baptist peers). I am 21 now so I grew up in the late 90s/2000s when True Love Waits and Silver Ring Thing were popular. I knew some preppers, some people who thought the “rapture” would be any second, people who believed the anti-Christ was Obama, etc. Weird stuff.

Did you ever hear the “Jesus is my boyfriend” music? >.< The conform thing reminds me of that. I don’t listen to Christian music except for a few songs (I’m a hymn person) because it is all kind of, well, erotic sounding in some senses. Just another way Christianity is feminized in a way these days.

Not conforming, I’ve found, is often a good thing. ;)

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