Why Are Millennials Blamed for Everything?

I hate when I get online — specifically Facebook — just to see many of my older friends (family members, old teachers, etc.) talking badly of millennials.

They complain that we’re lazy, entitled, don’t care about current events or politics, etc. etc. etc. And I’m reallllllllllly tired of hearing this.

Let’s be honest, with every generation comes the generation before it complaining about how horrible the new generation is. But it seems like now, every generation just complains about the millennials. We couldn’t win if we wanted to. And yeah, I’m sure that I’ll get responses to this by older people saying, “All millennials do is complain.”, “They’re too sensitive.”, “They’ve gotten everything on a silver platter.”

But let me tell you something….

Shut up.

People think we’re entitled and narcissistic.

Let’s think here. Millennials are the largest generation alive right now, totaling around 75 million in the U.S., and we are the most educated generation in history. Millennials have surpassed the Baby Boomers (aka the people complaining about us).

Sure, that’s great and all. I’m blessed to have received a college education. But in today’s society, it’s not really an option for us NOT to go to college. If we don’t go, it’s going to be almost impossible for us to get a job. And guess what? If we get a bachelor’s degree, it’s still almost impossible to get a job.

So please, tell me I’m entitled again.

Tell me how I’m entitled because thousands and thousands of dollars went into my college education, just to learn that 74,999,999 other people also have the same education I have. You can’t get shit with a bachelor’s degree anymore. And guess what? On top of our education getting us nowhere, it’s very likely that we have those thousands of dollars hanging onto us, because most people don’t have those tens of thousands of dollars to just throw around.

Millennials have no jobs. Therefore no money, and therefore no money to pay back the money they borrowed to get a degree that can’t be used.

You may be onto something with the narcissism, though. No one has our best interest in mind so we have to do it for ourselves.

They say we don’t care about current events or politics.

This one really gets to me.

Because we have been screwed when it comes to the job market and the price of college tuition, it’s hard to believe in the system, especially when no one does anything to help us. Not to mention that politicians are so corrupt that they aim all of their main points towards everyone above the age of 30 — even though we’re the largest portion of voters.

We care about things like global warming and the legalization of marijuana and the beliefs of its medical uses. But guess what? We vote to legalize marijuana and look for ways to help global warming, and the people in charge totally disregard them. And just because we care about marijuana legalization doesn’t make us lazy.

For some reason, talk of marijuana always brings up the idea of lazy people. People that think like that are the problem. People that think that are the ones that refuse to believe in the medical benefits of marijuana. They’re the people that believe it should remain a Schedule 1 drug. They’re the ones that want to continue to fund the prison system and the war on drugs instead of funding our education system. They’re the people that consider marijuana more dangerous than alcohol and prescription pills.

Don’t blame us for the things our government refuses to take into consideration.

Don’t tell me I don’t care about current events or politics. I care about them more than most older people, but because of how corrupt the system is, our vote doesn’t count. (Raise your hand if you remember Bernie Sanders getting beat out of the Democratic nomination!)

It seems like we don’t care because we’re not allowed to care. Our voice is being silenced because the older generations here in the U.S. are scared of what our mostly liberal, highly diverse generation would do to laws and politics as a whole.

I know that people will continue to complain about us until the end of time. But guess what? Soon enough, we will be in the White House, and then what? You’ll be forced to listen to us — and I can’t wait ‘til that day comes.

Millennials are not the problem. Those who blame millennials are. Instead of tearing us down, you may want to consider building us up. Stop thinking we’re entitled. I mean, hey, we don’t blame you for ruining the economy or corrupting our entire government system, so don’t blame us for living in the society you created for us.

Rant over.