Sleeping Problem: You may’ve Calcium Deficiency

Your doctor will recommend you to take more calcium in case of calcium deficiency. Some of the doctors’ will prescribe calcium in large amount, and moreover, they will recommend calcium carbonate.

The problem with these types of calcium is that they are not absorbed by the body easily and can raise health issues, including heart diseases, headache, nausea, and more.

Are you calcium deficient?

Yes, you’re calcium deficient if you’re experiencing any of these issues. Deficiency of calcium raises three common problems in humans. Sadly, these health issues are usually treated with prescription drugs, drastic changes in diet, or other unnecessary interventions. But the truth is that you’re calcium deficient. Lack of calcium can be a culprit of health issues like:

1. Sleep Problems — You may suffer from insomnia if you’re calcium deficient. Calcium is related to your sleep cycle. Calcium deficiency raises the inability to get deep sleep. The normal sleep cycle gets restore once calcium level increases to normal. If you seek medical advice about your insomnia then chances are that you’ll likely walk out of the doctor’s office with a prescription for sleeping pills.

2. Difficulty Losing Weight — The inability to lose weight has been linked to a lack of calcium. The calcium present in fat cells regulate the processing of fat in the body. Fat cells that contain the most calcium actually burn faster and results in more weight loss. So if you have trouble with shedding pounds, adding calcium-rich foods to your diet can help you.

3. Paresthesia — Calcium deficiency may also lead to Paresthesia. Paresthesia is a sensation of tickling, pricking, or burning of human skin with no physical cause. Low level of calcium in the blood raises neurological and physical impairment, hallucinations, poor memory, muscle tremors and twitches.

What you can do?

If you’re facing any of these health issues, you might be calcium deficient. It’s best for you, if you can obtain sufficient amount of calcium from your diet. But getting an adequate amount of calcium daily with foods alone is nearly impossible. So, you can add chewable calcium supplements to your diet to meet your calcium needs. Various companies like Viactiv, Calcium caltrate and Citracal, etc. offer their calcium supplements that can help you to get an adequate amount of calcium.