Streit’s Leaves the Big Apple for the Garden State

The mixture of wheat flour and water is flattened before it enters the 1 minute and 40 minute baking process in the oven.
One of Streit’s employees filters out the good and the bad batches of freshly, baked matzos.
Maybe a seat for one of the mashgichim, Orthodox individuals trained for kosher law, that supervises the baking process of Streit’s matzo during the Passover season or a nice resting corner for one of the employees.
One of Streit’s machinery and a bucket of salt. Maybe a cooling station.
Six boxes of packaged matzos sorta-neatly stacked on the second floor of Streit’s family factory.
Made in New York City since 1925: After being packaged, the 24 boxes of Streit’s matzos are waiting quietly to be shipped to one of its many distributors, or just downstairs at the storefront.
A NYU journalism student leaves the Streit’s Factory tour with a box of freshly, baked, lightly salted matzos.
What is a lightly salted matzos without salt? A Streit’s employee pours salt unto the machinery right before it enters the oven for a 1 minute and 40 second bake.
A panorama capture of the packing process on the second floor of Streit’s family-owned factory on Rivington Street that is soon-to-be relocated to the New Jersey.
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