A Step-by-Step Guide to Avoiding Those Wedding Woes

Are you recently engaged or have you already begun the process of planning your wedding? No matter where you’re at, you are likely to come across a few “wedding woes” — those unwanted bumps in the road that really put a damper on the fun. A wedding is a big deal for many people, and with it come hopes, desires, and expectations from both family and friends — not to mention, you and your future spouse undoubtedly have desires for what you want to incorporate into your nuptials.

Planning a wedding can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be.

To make the planning process easier for all those engaged couples out there, here is a list of tips and tricks to ease the stress of planning and make your wedding experience nothing short of amazing!

Below is a step-by-step guide to avoiding those wedding woes:

  1. Stay Organized: Planning a wedding means gathering a lot of information and making a lot of lists. Stay organized by designating a folder to keep all of your food vendor pamphlets and venue brochures together, as well as any lists or notes that you write down. It will make it so much easier if you don’t have to dig around for important information.
  2. The “Big Picture” List: When you and your partner sit down to begin planning, first compile an overall “To Do” list of major details that need to take priority — like the venue, the date, and your budget. This will help you get a general feel for how your wedding will look and set you up as you zero in on the finer details later on.
  3. “His & Hers” List: No doubt, both you and your future spouse will have preferences over what’s important and what’s not. Instead of leaving those to argue over later, compile a list of what’s important for both of you. Maybe top-notch food is really important to Janet, but for Nick it’s more important to have amazing live music! Write those things down so you know where to invest more of your budget, where to be more lax, and where to maybe cut things out that aren’t important to either of you. Be willing to bend a little when your budget doesn’t cover ALL the things on your list or when some details don’t line up.
  4. Make Planning Fun: Schedule in planning time around a fancy picnic or go to that cute coffee shop down the street. Turn your planning “meetings” into planning “dates” that allow room to breathe, relax, and have fun. When you’re less stressed, it’s easier to make decisions.
  5. Set a Deadline: Sometimes difficult decisions can drag on and on unless you actually have a deadline. Decide on a specific day to be your “cutoff time” for choosing details and making adjustments, and then spend the rest of your planning time on gathering those things together. Tip: Designate this deadline as the day you stop browsing through your wedding Pinterest board and no longer look up wedding ideas. Stick to what you’ve chosen and enjoy it!
  6. Leave Time for Rest: Unless you want to walk down that aisle feeling haggard and worn out, leave a gap of three to four weeks prior to the actual wedding day for you to rest and enjoy this special time. No more planning, phone calls, stressful planning meetings, or deliberations over cake flavors — simply take the time to sleep in, get a massage, read that mystery novel you’ve been pushing aside, or squeeze in some last-minute day trips with your love! You’re getting married, remember? It’s time to celebrate!

Don’t be overwhelmed by the planning process — instead, enjoy this season together and focus on having fun!

Your engagement is a season of celebration, excitement, friendship, and love. It’s a time to reflect on past memories and experiences, and to look forward into the future with hope and anticipation. Following these basic steps can help make the planning process easier and allow more time for enjoying your engagement!