Here’s my first blog post

Hi friends,

In college I wrote a blog to keep my family and friends informed of my adventures in china. You can read that blog here. Since then I’ve taught on a farm in New York, moved across the country for love, and began a career in tech. Fast forward a few years and I’m under the covers with mint tea reading Ignore Everybody and 39 other Keys to Creativity and feeling inspired. I figured I had to start somewhere. So welcome to that somewhere: my nameless, gramatically-error filled, stream of consciousness blog. If you’re super jazzed and want to know when I post things, visit my Medium page and click the green “follow” button.

Since reading Ignore Everybody I thought of all my friends of friends, DIYers, and life coaches who have started blogs and grimaced. I can’t be one of those people I don’t have a story to tell and if I do it’s been told by better, more glamorous folks. If not more glamorous than definitely more Broad City. So pushing that self-deprecation aside, I thought this blog would be a good place for you to know about my goings-on.

So, what’s up:

I’m leaving my job at Square to head to UC Santa Cruz’s farm apprenticeship program in April. In between I’ll be crashing my parent’s vacation in Florida and looting their house of twin-size sheets (thanks Mom and Dad). Then I head to SE Asia (read: Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and maybe Burma) as a member of a rad trifecta comprised of my partner and my silliest, kindest, childhood best friend who let me bully her for much of our early friendship (sorry!).

Chances are I use this blog to tell you a bit about that so if you’re only here for the farming, check back in April or bear with me. That said, if my last trip to SE Asia is any indication this upcoming one could be entertaining: I’ll miss trains and — in an attempt to catch the train before it gets to the next station — hop on a stranger’s moped without first asking the price. I’ll then likely find that while I’m now on the train (great success!), the 10-minute ride cost more than my 10-hour sleeper train. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’m looking forward to the planned and unplanned adventures to come but until I have another story to tell, that’s all folks.