Five Effective Ways to Boost the Memory of a Child with Special Needs

For children with special needs, life can be a bit different from others. There are various kinds of disorders that can be found in children which are defined as learning disabilities. Having said that, one must always believe that “where there is a will, there is a way”. While it is true that parents may need to invest extra time and effort into building up memory skills in children with special needs, in the long run this hard work really pays off and offer tremendous long term benefits. In this article we will review a few easy methods that can help boost the memory skills of children with special needs.

Repetition of Stories: Going the Old School Way!

Although it is considered somewhat of an old­-school method, it never fails. Many special education schools in NYC use this method. Children with special needs are able to recall past events better when each of them is substantiated with a story. Any incidence associated with an event leaves a longer lasting imprint on their minds making it easier for them to remember it. So next time you want your child to remember anything that happens in their daily lives, add a story to it and check in with them after a while to see how much better they are able to recall it.

A Healthy Diet, a Healthy Mind!

We’ve all heard the saying that “a healthy mind resides in a healthy body”. Now would be a great time to implement this concept. Include raw foods like fruits, salads and nuts into your child’s diet to help ease digestion in children. Consuming healthy foods can also help facilitate the quick and effective absorption of nutrients into their body. It further re­-energizes the brain and hence also offers a boost to their memory. Children should be provided with proportionally sized meals on a regular schedule throughout the whole day.

Click, Click, Click!

In this day and age of smartphones we all tale a lot of pictures during special moments, every day occurrences and events that we experience with our children. Some children with special needs may be more inclined towards taking pictures. Taking photos is a great, easy way for parents to help children with special needs “take in” any form of information which the child may find otherwise difficult to learn. This information can be presented to him/her in the form of a picture, which can help them digest and understand information that is otherwise harder for them to comprehend.

The Greater the Creativity, The Stronger the Memory!

Many special education schools in NYC employ their own set of creative activities to help develop various kinds of skills among children. Apart from school activities, indulge your child into a creative activity on a day­-to­-day basis. These type of activities can include drawing, painting, singing, or instrument-­playing. The activities should be in accordance with his/her taste and personal preferences. Trying these type of activities for a month or two will allow you to see a great positive change in your child’s memory skills and are lots of fun!

Follow these easy to implement tips and you will see a marked improvement in your child’s memory skills. Lastly, be patient with your child and offer all of these activities to them in a fun, positive and inviting manner.

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