Responsibilities and Consequences of Being a Special Needs School Teacher

Every profession has some unsaid rules and regulations to be followed by the people pursuing that profession, and there are some challenges too that an individual has to face when a part of that profession.

For being successful in a profession, it becomes imperative to understand all the challenges, tackle them head on and emerge victorious. One such challenging profession is that of a teacher. He/she has to consistently work hard with each and every student whose academic performance and complete development is dependent on him/her.

The day-to-day tasks and responsibilities of being a teacher can get more challenging if the teacher under consideration is working as a part of a special needs school.

The responsibilities and consequences of being a special needs school’s teacher are many and the most important ones have been listed below:

Low appreciation

Teaching has always been considered among the noblest of professions and teaching kids with special abilities is even nobler.

A lot of people tend to have some preconceived notions about the learning capabilities of specially-abled kids, and this gives them serious doubts about the capabilities of the teachers who have been certified for the job.

However, the certificate for being a teacher at a special needs school should very well be a proof of the proficiencies of the teacher.

Support from parents

It is understandable that specially-abled kids need care and attention to varying extents, but the fact that there are qualified teachers who have the requisite training and ability to cater to all the learning needs of special students should have a positive impact on parents.

Parents must make sure that the methods and principles adopted at home and in school to help the child learn and grow should be in agreement to avoid any kind of confusion for the child.

Plethora of Paperwork

Being a special needs school teacher involves doing more than the usual paperwork. There is so much to do, ranging from lesson planning, progress reports, signing of documents and addendum to filling out medical aids billing forms for emergency situations.

All of this, coupled with the working out of methodologies to suit every child’s needs are taken care of by the teacher.

However, these responsibilities are a part of being in a profession where only a select few can fulfil the associated duties.

Proof of growth

It is imperative to have proof of success so that parents can feel assured with respect to the results for their children.

So, all the documentations of progress and live demos of the working methodologies adopted by teachers are important.

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