Different Pallet Racks Brisbane Systems Available In the Markets

The popularity and the level in which these structures are used have forced manufacturers to offer pallet racks Brisbane in several forms. With them, they intend to meet specific needs of different clients and ensure that they match them perfectly. They are used at various places in industries, warehouses and almost every place where heavy-duty shelving is a necessity.

According to the experts from shelving Brisbane firms, if chosen smartly, they can double the productivity and storage capacity and optimize the space smartly. Once you have decided the functions, it is important to mull upon the alternatives available in the markets so that you can select wisely and live well.

Different pallet racks Brisbane systems available in the markets

In this segment of this post, we look at different options available at rollpost shelving Brisbane suppliers and we start with the roll-formed version

· This version is manufactured using high quality steel and the most common features is teardrop clip holes.
· These holes allow for complete flexibility as far as shelf height adjustment is concerned.
· These clip holes are available in slotted styles as well.
· This version is highly versatile and commonly seen in applications where the dimension of the stored products fluctuates remarkably.

Structural pallet racks Brisbane
· The next version is the structural version that is commonly used in demanding applications.
· They are bolted to floor and this makes them highly durable as compared to other options.
· Because the foundation is strong and firm, this version is trusted for storing heavy weight products with extreme competence.
· One more feature is that it can be designed to support the roof of the warehouse or facility.
· One more benefit is that it can be used to store even the products that require forklift for moving, storing and retrieval.

Drive In and Drive Through
· The suppliers of workbenches Brisbane keep this version on the third spot as it allows forklifts and other machines to enter and maneuver between the racks.
· The Drive-In system works on LIFO or Last In First Out mechanism, whereas the Drive Through system works in FIFO or First In First Out mechanism.

Pallet Flow racks
· The next very common option present with shelving Brisbane suppliers is given the name of pallet flow racks.
· This version makes maximum use of the gravity that allows the products to move along the racks.
· It too works in FIFO or First In First Out mode and is considered ideal for storing products that have expiration dates. For example — perishable food items, drugs and medicines, etc.

Pushback pallet racks Brisbane system
· Its topmost feature is that the racks are 2–6 pallets deep and works in the same mode as the pallet floor racking system.
· This version also uses the gravity smartly to move pallets as well as their contents.
· The difference between this and other version is that it works on LIFO or Last In First Out modus operandi.

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