Heath Mello is the Justin Trudeau of Nebraska

Omaha’s future belongs to those understand technology

Last year, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau famously explained quantum computing to a group of reporters at a physics think tank in Ontario.

While some have argued that his explanation isn’t perfect, what strikes me about this video is that Trudeau cares enough about technology to be aware of emerging trends in the world of computing. Even if he’s bullshitting his way through his response, I absolutely believe the excitement in his eyes as he explains quantum states to the audience.

When I see a politician express genuine excitement about technological innovation, I perk up immediately. As a local tech leader, I’ve organized and hosted dozens of tech events in the Omaha area, and of all the events I’ve been involved in, I’ve noticed that only one local politician has ever showed up, and that’s Heath Mello.

Health Mello is a candidate in Omaha’s upcoming mayoral race, and he has attended tech events that I’ve helped organize going back four or five years.

Now, I can’t tell you if Mello can explain quantum computing like Trudeau, but what I can tell you is that it’s clear that Mello gets excited about technology, and he shows up to support the local tech scene.

Technology runs our economy

As an advocate for technology access and education, I often say things like “the future belongs to those who understand technology,” and, at this moment in time, this statement couldn’t be more true for Omaha.

We talk a lot about how to attract “tech talent” to Omaha to support economic development, since of course, technology runs our economy. But that conversation rarely takes into account how we can nurture and grow our existing tech community. One way is to show up, and Mello has done that again and again, and the technologists of Omaha are paying attention.