Education & Career

Educational Goals

The goal and purpose of my education is to master different aspects of web design and apply them to my professional career, allowing me to perform above industry standard to design a successful product. In order to achieve this goal, I would like to earn a degree from a distinguished web design and development program, and then go further and earn a master’s degree.

Entry Level Career Goals

After I graduate, I hope to contract out to different companies performing various tasks including: web, graphic, and product design. Through my services, I hope to exceed clients expectations and allow them to focus on expanding their business instead of waisting time and money on mediocre branding and designs.

Long Range Career Statement

My long range career goal is to use my connections from my entry level free lance work to build a strong client base, and eventually own my own company that delivers professional, efficient, and affordable design services. I want to provide professional work, for the common business owner.

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