The hidden gems of my dustiest bookshelf I never got round to reading — until now.

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Lockdown came just in time to coincide with the end of my degree. Celebrations were off and before I knew it, I was back in my family home. Seeing as I suddenly had a whole lot of time to put to use, I made a resolution upon my return that I would read the books that had been gifted by relatives, bought on impulse or that just caught me at a time in my life where they didn’t appeal to me. Younger me was fickle and had an even worse attention span than I do now.

So, without further ado…

The latest National Theatre live-stream, reviewed.


From director Simon Godwin comes a colourful, chaotic frenzy of a Twelfth Night that was choc-a-bloc with laughs, love, music and anguish. As part of the National Theatre’s season of free YouTube live-stream shows, this week we were treated to Godwin’s vision of the foolish antics of Shakespeare’s cast of tortured misfits and lovable rogues.

If you aren’t familiar with Twelfth Night, it is a classic Shakespeare comedy about mistaken identity. Sebastian and Viola are shipwrecked on the island of Illyria, and Viola assumes her brother’s identity, thinking he is dead. …

Support the theatre industry, or I’ll send ye straight to Davy Jones!


Last night, I had the pleasure of sitting down to watch another of the National Theatre’s free live streams on YouTube. This week: Bryony Lavery’s adaptation of Treasure Island.

I went into the performance knowing only the plot of the Disney sci-fi version of the story, ‘Treasure Planet’, and although its a favourite of mine it is quite far away from the original source material. The stage show focuses on the adventures of Jim Hawkins (Patsy Ferran) as she and her friends try to uncover Flint’s treasure, all the while being pursued by the abominable pirate Long John Silver (Arthur…

Are you watching the National Theatre’s free live streams? Here’s why you should be.


One of the few upsides I can think of for what’s going on right now is that I think we’re seeing what’s possible in terms of bringing live theatre into our homes, thanks to the National Theatre’s weekly live streams of pre-recorded shows on their YouTube channel. This little routine of sitting down with a glass of wine and watching a play every Thursday is keeping my whole household sane! On the 9th of April, the show of choice was Sally Cookson’s adaptation of Jane Eyre.

It was a nostalgic experience for me, seeing as I saw this production in…

Because it’s hard to know how to deal with uncertainty when you don’t even have your lunch hour planned.

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Like many people who’ve struggled with their mental health, if I don’t have routines in place, on a day where the world isn’t brought to a standstill by rampant disease I struggle to keep my spirits up. I’ll fall back into bad habits, stuffing my face with food and staying under a blanket all day watching Friends.

It feels like it’s self-care to do these things when you feel down, but its rarely helpful to let yourself stay in pyjamas past 12pm. Decision fatigue is real, too — humans don’t deal well with uncertainty, and we tend to go a…

It’s hard, but it’s necessary.

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I’ve had anxiety around coronavirus for a while now, and now that the world has caught up, all my fears came true and I’m stuck at home for the foreseeable future, I’m a lot less of a mess than I thought I’d be. I am supposed to graduate in three months, I had a great internship abroad lined up, and I’ve been finding that navigating that disappointment has shown me that I’ve become more resilient in recent years.

The trick is to find the bright sides, wherever you can, and usually one you start looking you find far more than…

The movie that has been burned into my retinas forever is worse than you thought.

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Since the trailers came out, I think all of us have been holding our breaths in anticipation for the moment when it hit cinemas to see if this film manages to capture the spirit of the original show. I would say a tentative yes, as it captured the same surreal, uneasy feel, but they managed to make that aspect of it a thousand times worse.

Cats was a freaky dance show from the eighties that has absolutely no place where it makes any sort of sense except from in that context. Even on stage, watching humans act out cats was…

Sometimes its not a good idea to let your mind run unchecked.

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Everywhere you go on the internet lately, you see ideas for morning rituals. It makes sense; starting your day off right can often make or break the rest of it. There are loads of articles on Medium that champion different practices, and for a great morning routine, you usually want to do something to get your mind and body up and running. However you do that is up to you, but for me that will involve yoga or running, meditation or reading.

As a writer, something called Morning Pages are one such a way to get your creative juices flowing…

A desperate fan trying to find a new hope in despair.

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The last film in the Star Wars trilogy is.. not good. And that’s me trying to be nice about it.

The thing is, it isn’t like it couldn’t have been really great. There were ideas, characters, moments in it that were brimming with potential, and that’s why I’m so bummed out about the fact it sucked. I would describe it like a hollow shell, decorated to distract us from a non-existent story with stunning cinematography, swelling nostalgic music at the perfect moments and incredible acting.

Some might call me a hater, or a pessimist, but really by talking about this…

A strategy for living in line with your values.


Ever hated yourself for not living up to your own standards? Ever thrown a piece of plastic in the trash and immediately hated yourself for single-handedly causing the destruction of the planet?

Been there, buddy.

It’s called cognitive dissonance.

It can be difficult to live up to our own expectations of ourselves. We all have harmful habits that we continue to indulge in despite knowing they actively causes us harm, and yet we continue to indulge because of the short-term gratification they give us. For example, smokers. For me, it’s indulging in dairy despite wanting to cut it out, or…

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