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Is Likeminds a conference, a camp, a music festival, or simply a weekend escape from the city? I returned to the third edition few weeks ago to find out. Organized by Rachael Yaeger of Human NYC and music producer Zach Pollakoff, it’s a unique combination of talks, performances, installations and workshops, set over two days at a summer camp near Beacon, New York. After a positive experience in year one, which you can read about here, I was curious to see how the event had evolved. …

A cultural and practical introduction for designers

This is the first chapter in Element AI’s Foundations Series on AI-First Design (AI1D). Each chapter aims to define the component parts of AI1D in order to create a common language with which to explore this new era of design. You can read the intro to the series here, and sign up to stay tuned for the next chapter here.

As a designer, why should you need to be able to understand artificial intelligence? It’s a term being bandied about so much in media and tech circles lately, a kind of catchall that could be describing anything from virtual personal…

Harnessing art, technology and data to tackle our most urgent social impact issues

Image: Human Impact Lab

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Gillian Nycum, Director of Strategic Initiatives at the recently founded Human Impact Lab, a non-profit based in Montréal. We’ve often crossed paths over the years through shared social circles but I was curious to learn more about her neo-generalist career path, having worked in a range of fields from law, to music management, to innovation and environmental issues.

We spoke about the Human Impact Lab’s ambitious goals to raise awareness of seismic social impact issues, such as climate change, rising sea levels and artificial intelligence, using a creative studio approach. She…

The evolution of corporate training

Image by Margarida CSilva on Unsplash.

At the C2 commerce and creativity conference in Montréal last May, I met with Marie-Noëlle Do Thanh, a Learning Strategist at TD Bank, about how she’s aiming to revolutionize corporate training at one of Canada’s largest banks.

Her title grabbed my attention right away, fitting perfectly with many of the ideas that e180 is devoted to, such as the evolution of learning, both on an institutional and individual level. …

Takeaways from the 10th edition of Dynamic/MTL

The most recent edition of Dynamic/MTL took a turn for the political. With the rise of right-wing populism in Europe and the uncertainty and fear surrounding Trump’s presidency, we felt it was timely to examine our role in times of political change. Where do personal beliefs and values intersect with work? Or should we check our beliefs at the proverbial office door, and simply focus on making design great again?

Our panel on January 23rd featured the Montreal-based artist MissMe, VICE Political News Correspondent Justin Ling, and Jennifer Daniel, currently Creative Director at Google, but most well known for her…

A few weeks ago we held the final Dynamic/MTL of the year on the theme of creative collaborations. We invited three designing pairs to share their process and work, exploring how sometimes one + one equals more than two. Here are our impressions and takeaways from the three talks and subsequent panel discussion.

Sing Sing

The scene upon arrival at in Beacon NY

A few weeks ago, I attended the inaugural edition of Likeminds, a small conference held at a former camp in Beacon, NY, with a focus on art, design and tech projects. The unlikely pairing of a new tech conference in the countryside appealed to me — if you love all things digital but also enjoy switching off and camping, you sound like my kind of people. Combined with all the good things my colleagues at Dynamo had to say about one of the co-organizers, Rachael Yaeger of Human NYC, I decided to check it out.

I’ve driven to New York…

Why we chose a writing community over self-publishing our blog

Since taking on the role of managing Dynamo’s editorial content last fall, one of the primary platforms I work with is our blog. Beyond developing an editorial strategy, managing staff contributions and maintaining a regular publishing schedule, one of the aspects I also decided to evaluate was which blogging platform made the most sense for us to use moving forward.

The last version of the Dynamo blog was created in the fall of 2014 on Tumblr, as a popular blogging platform that we could easily integrate into our existing website. …

Short dark days are punctuated by swaths of bright snow. The city’s filth is muffled in white, faintly lit by streetlights. I admit, I have struggled through the last few months. It feels like I’m finally turning a corner, but between the “holidays”, the cold, and my wavering conviction that what I’m doing for a living makes any sense, this winter has posed some challenges. Freelancing is great when you’re feeling up, but excruciating when it’s hard to get out of bed in the morning. …

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Writer with a focus on projects at the intersection of tech, design and creativity. Founder of the editorial meetup

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