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A staggering 20 million people are unemployed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. I was lucky enough to recently pivot to a new role and want to share my lessons learned and tactical tips for job seekers navigating this difficult time. The below won’t apply to everyone, so take whichever pieces are most helpful for you.


0. Take care of yourself: Surround yourself with the people and activities that allow you to bring your best self forward and cut out the rest. The job search is already a stressful process in “normal”…

Note: This is a complementary post to my article on how I transitioned from a U.S. diplomat to joining Facebook.

1. Networking is about developing professional relationships: If you’re in career transition, developing relationships with people knowledgeable about your new industry is key. Once you start, networking is not as intimidating or transactional as it sounds: It’s meeting interesting people to learn more about what they do, why they do it, and offering what you can do for them. Networking can yield many benefits, including:

  • Insider information that will help you refine your target organization list and determine whether an…

Note: This is a complementary post to my article on networking for career transition.

Career transition can be scary, lonely, exhausting, and frustrating — there’s no roadmap, just a lot of unknowns. It can also be an incredible opportunity to reinvent yourself. Diplomacy is about relationships, and the same goes for this process. You are a diplomat for yourself in transition: Serving as a bridge between your past experience and future aspirations by using the language of the new industry you want to join. How do you do this? Let’s explore!

1. Know yourself. This may be the hardest part…

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Anyone can be a better ally for anyone else at any time. I’ve already shared the below with tens of thousands of people, but I will continue to share this message with millions more, because it’s a critical one that everyone needs to hear, wherever you sit in your organization and wherever you are in life.


In April, I spoke at the Seattle Women in Tech Regatta, a fantastic week-long conference that connects women in tech to mentors, peers, and resources. In addition to speaking on a panel to share my journey from diplomacy to tech, I attended sessions…

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Creative bridge-builder connecting people and ideas to achieve global impact. Dream big, start small. Artist. Former U.S. diplomat. Forbes 30 Under 30 Finalist.

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