Are You a Creator or an Editor?

I’m creative, but I prefer being a part of another person’s creative process.

Yesterday, I helped a friend write a short pitch for a mentorship program she’s applying to. I didn’t sit down and write it for her, nor did I even brainstorm ideas.

She showed me what she’d written and I reviewed it for basic grammar and discussing what I understood from her words. Together, we created something that felt completely authentic to her.

I live for this kind of collaboration.

I’ve described myself as the “support person” on more than one occasion, and that’s exactly what I did yet again for my friend. I love working with visionaries, as they’re incredibly inspired people. Sometimes, though, they struggle to follow-through with their ideas, or they don’t see what the next steps in the process might be.

This is why I absolutely love being an editor; I help propel work forward while contributing to its creative development. My opinion doesn’t matter unless the people listening to me want it to. When they do, I know that we can create a true work of art that will ultimately represent to perfection the original creator.

I don’t need to be named.

I don’t need my mark to be left as a physical piece of paper.

I don’t need anything more than an acknowledgement or thanks (and some cash).

The goal is for you, the artist, to attain the greatness of what you’re capable of.

Don’t worry, I’ll only push you as far as I know you’ll go.