Don’t Give Up

At least not in business and towards yourself. Don’t become a stalker, though. Seriously.

Make a commitment to yourself, but know your personal limitations.

When you try, expect to fail a few times. Learn to be OK with that and take it in stride.

Failure doesn’t mean that it’s time to call it a day. Failure means that you made a mistake that can teach you something.

Failure epitomizes your humanity.

Yesterday, I broke my streak of daily blogging. I have reasons, which include working an 11-hour shift, ending up in a long conversation with my soon-to-be roommate (she’s so awesome), coping with stress, choosing to meditate first thing in the morning, and choosing to go out for a couple of hours rather than stay home, only to forget that I hadn’t written anything before falling deep into sleep.

Ultimately, I failed at holding myself to my commitment to daily writing. The excuses may be valid, but they don’t make a difference on the fact that I didn’t follow through.

So I’m starting over today, guilt-free. I acknowledge my failure but it won’t stop me from pushing forward.

How have you failed and picked yourself up?