I don’t know my purpose, and that’s OK

There are many things in life that I want to do. But none of them are my “purpose” in life.

I want to work with kids and see them change the world because we’ve had the chance to interact in a space that changes the educational paradigm.

I want to write a novel — an erotic romance, just to make a point about what good contemporary romance looks like to me.

I want to travel, explore, and discover. I did it full-time for two years and it felt right for the most part.

But now, I want to settle, nest, and grow roots.

I am meant to interact.

I am meant to think.

I am meant to be curious.

I don’t know what the outcome of that will lead to.

It isn’t a purpose, it’s an interest. It’s curiosity, intrigue, opportunity, exploration.

What do you want?