It’s almost the end of week three! Last weekend I was so discouraged because I felt like I wasn’t grasping all the new concepts as quickly as I thought I should be. It made me really question weather or not I was going to be a good programmer. I told myself that I would give one more week at The Iron Yard to see if I started to feel more comfortable with JavaScript in time. I think that was one of the smartest things I’ll ever do. This week I can really see my progress and I can look back on how much I’ve learned just in the past few weeks, how much all of us have learned in the FEE class. Even today’s lecture was so many new concepts including prototypes, callbacks, the forEach method, map method, reduce, and it’s a lot to take in at once. But I know now that no matter how foreign it all seems at first that I need to be patient and give myself time to practice using them in our homework assignments, talk about them, and before I know it be comfortable using them. Now I find myself really enjoying the learning process, and instead of giving up too quickly on a problem on an assignment, I can barely close my lap-top until I figure it out. I know I’ll still get discouraged when the work load starts to feel like too much, but at least I know for a fact that with time, it will get better. Definitely not easier, but better.