Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker


I already spent $26 on a toiletry bag that went on sale. I have it in a medium, but it’s a little too big so I opted to get the small size, and then potentially return the medium.

  • Drinks tonight with friends — we are staying in, though, so it should just be the cost of supplies, $15. Potentially getting eyebrows threaded, $15. Go by the new age store and pick up some crystals for a little boy in my yoga class just because he’s adorbs and takes it seriously. $10, $15 if I find one I like. Dinner, $10.


Potentially getting my will notarized. If yes, unknown amount of money. Maybe $75? Dinner and drinkies out, $40.


Hangover breakfast, $15. Maybe grocery shopping, $50. Watching Game of Thrones premiere — freeeeeeeeeeee.

Estimate: $260 if I do all the things. Going to aim to NOT do all the things and keep this under $200 for the weekend.

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