Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

Friday: I already spent $25 for a gift to the organizer of yoga week. I’m going to swing by a friend’s Arbonne party… not my favorite thing, but she is trying to help a friend get the business going, etc. so I figure I will get some lipstick or something, $25? Tonight, I’m teaching Full Moon Yoga and have a 100 people scheduled to attend… so a little nervous about that. Afterwards, we will probably go get Waffle House since that’s what will be open, $15.

Saturday: I’m trying SUP yoga for the first time! The fee for this class is $40, but I wasn’t charged when I signed up, so maybe teachers get in free? Either $0 or $40. Then in the afternoon, I’m getting my hair dyed. $200 including tip, but maybe a little more if she has to go at it for a longer than we are estimating. That money has already been saved. Maybe some dinner or groceries, $30.

Sunday: Maybe a brunch out? $15. Going to try to keep Sunday low key. There is the yoga week finale on Sunday night, but I’ve already paid for that. Maybe dinner with my dad?

Total: $350, $200 from savings.

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