Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

Rest of Friday: This weekend is our town’s beer festival. I’m volunteering tonight, so I get in free tomorrow! I did buy a friend a ticket to go with us, but I already paid for that. Prior to the event, I’m going to try to squeeze in an eyebrow threading (they are just unmanageable right now), $15 with tip. Maybe a snack before the event, since it doesn’t wrap up until late and I probably won’t get to eat dinner until afterwards, $5. Traditional after-volunteering Waffle House, $15.

Saturday: IT IS TIME. Uber to the event, $10. Drinking all the beer, free. Uber back, $10. Will probably try to convince my roomie to go halfsies on the Ubers and just get a big one for our whole crew. Even if I pay for them both, it’s way cheaper than a DUI and/or the damage a drunk driver could do. Drunk eats, $$$? We say every year that we won’t go out and keep drinking afterwards, BUT WE DO. I’m going to round up here and say a solid $50 for drunk food and maybe more Ubers and drinking.

Sunday: Recovery mode. I already bought Advil, Gatorade, Pedialyte and crackers in anticipation of what the day is going to look like. $15 for greasy hangover foods. If I’m ambitious, $30 for groceries. Eating dinner with my parents tonight and they will likely cover mine.

Guesstimate: $150, but really more like $200 because I’m probably not taking into account that beer festival regecko is much more likely to spend money on something dumb than non-beer festival regecko.

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