Friday Estimate
Megan Reynolds

Today was payday, and I paid all of my big bills for June out of it, ew.

Tonight, my only plans are to finish packing and “eat something good for dinner” with the roomie. $25?

I fly to D.C. in the morning for a quick trip. I’m guessing for Saturday/Sunday my expenditures will be around $150 — for food, metro passes, an Uber if it starts to storm like is potentially in the forecast, a day pass for a bike rental, and maybe a new book or souvenir for a friend (they love museum stuff, so I’m making a potential exception to my no souvenir rule). All of the museums/things I want to see are free, so nothing there to worry about.

$175? That seems too low to be true for a vacation weekend. I guess I’ll know for sure by Monday!