In my creative writing class we were suppose to create a monster and write a backstory so people feel bad for it. This is what I did:

Monster (slam poem)

These monsters for some are normal and not scary at all, but other monsters and animals fear it. They dare not to go near it, because if they do it will rear its ugly green eyed face to you. This monster is the scariest monster you’ll ever meet. Of course these monsters even though they are the same they’re different. Some have hair and some don’t, some have lighter skin and some have darker skin. Their eyes range from a variety of different colors, some exotic some not. These monsters will also fight each other, even though they are the same they kill each other, torture each other, lie, hate, destroy without blinking an eye. This monster does not come out only at night, this monster doesn’t hide under you bed. No, they come right out in the open, daylight is their best option. These monsters are cruel and unforgiving, no second chances and no forgiving. They could look you right in the eye and kill you without blinking an eye. They will steal your humanity and corrupt what is left of your innocent soul. They will lie to you and make you believe they are good and will let you dream of endless wonders until you grow up and then they will squash your dreams. But some are good and even thought they have lied and done wrong they will do anything to fix their mistakes. Some are nice and kind and have hearts of gold. They will help their kind even if the bad ones did wrong. They will try to fix the mistakes their fellow mates have made, you might come across them and think they are all bad, but don’t freight some are good. Just remember they are only human. They are weak and vulnerable, and don’t have much power. Feelings get in the way and sometimes we can’t control them we cry, shout, laugh, smile, we get angry and sad, and we hurt. We are flawed…

We are only human.

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