Ai Weiwei vs Lego

I’ve been following Ai Weiwei launching what appears to be a publicity stunt against Lego.

He asked Lego to send him a mass shipment of their products to him to be used in some of his latest art pieces.

Lego informed him that they have a policy as a toymaker not to be used in anything political and refused his shipment, after which he launched a BIG stink on social media about oppression and censorship and them supporting the man, as he wrote on Instagram:

“As a powerful corporation, Lego is an influential cultural and political actor in the globalized economy with questionable values. Lego’s refusal to sell its product to the artist is an act of censorship and discrimination.”

Apparently Lego is going to open up a big Legoland park in China soon, so he suggested they are trying to not piss of the Chinese government but not supporting him as he is known as a dissident, rebel artist who is always critical of the government.

And then publicity stunt style on Twitter he requested fans to send him their Legos so he could use them in his art, and they all jumped in to help.

My thoughts: I normally like Ai Weiwei, but this seems really juvenile and pathetic to go after Lego in this way. Its just cheap.

Lego is NOT the voice of oppression, its a toy maker. Stop being pissy, Ai. This is ridiculous.

Plus, this seems to me to be him heading into Damien Hurst territory. Hurst was good until he did that stupid diamond skull, which to me looks like he has just moved into complete advertising territory rather than being an authentic artist.

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