The End of the One-Child Policy

After decades of the infamous one-child policy in China started in 1979, the government has now opened it up to 2 now to balance the ageing population.

Apparently 30% of China is now over 50 and they have a pretty serious imbalance between more boys than girls which could eventually lead to angry testosterone overload, which of course could eventually lead to uprising and war, or perhaps more gays. I kid.

Anyways, this is pretty big news. BBC writes that over the past two decades the policy has prevented the births of over 400 Million, which is 100 more million than the population of the US.

That’s a policy that has done well for China up until now, but its also a painful infraction on human rights (my parents have ten kids, so ya, I wouldn’t exist as third from the top, born in 1980 and a girl if my parents).

Tough love for the whole country that is no longer necessary.

A good article for further reading: BBC’s China to end one-child policy.

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