The beginning of our bus conversion journey…

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We Bought a BUS!!

You have no idea how long I have waited to say those words out loud and in writing! But I finally can.

This has been a process!

A waiting game.

A season of ‘Gee, I wish we hadn’t done that… But, it will work out.’

And, it finally came to fruition!

For several years we’ve talked about the places we will go. And we’ve checked several off of that list in the last 10+ years. Places like the New Mexico Decalogue Stone, Washington DC, and Noah’s Ark in KY…

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Image: “Light” by Aidan O’Sullivan is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

At least once in a while…

Warm sunlight glinted off the key into her eyes. Roused from slumber she stretched to the titter of birds in the tree outside her window. Then she bounced out of bed and dressed as quickly as her tiny hands would let her.

It was today!

Bubbles seemed to creep from deep within her out to every extremity, vibrating with anticipation.

She hurried through her morning ablutions, pocketed the key, then raced down the stairs to the smell of frying bacon and pancakes… her favorite.

“Happy birthday, princess!” Her daddy set his paper down to…

What no one tells you could be coming…

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When we were expecting our first child, I had these perfect images of how things would go. Home birth… water birth… quick labor and birth because “I was in shape”… breastfeeding, obviously… a child that grew as he or she should… milestones met early… back to normal ‘down under’ quickly… baby weight melted off, because I was breastfeeding, by 6 months postpartum… cloth diapering… babywearing… etc etc etc.

But, that’s not how it went. Is that how it went for you? If so, I’m very happy for you. But that’s not usually…

Rebekah Reigh King

Wife. Mom. Dreamer. Encourager. Bus Conversion.

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