What if?

This was inspired by a post in Word porn about someone wondering about love and by Leana’s speech about fighting fear, a very powerful woman.

“What if”

What if you write songs about me when I write poems about you?
Would I be happier?
I am not sure because I don’t know

What if you are just waiting for the right timing
That you wait for my eyes to look at yours as a confirmation of all my thoughts
What if I was not dumb, crazy and blind to hope positively about what could happen next?

But what if your lover loves you more than I do?
What if you love her more than she does?
What if there I don’t read the signs very well?
What if there are no signs?

My dear, “what if” is a horizon of possibilities
Of yes and no but mostly of “maybe”
I don’t have answer to any of those questions but maybe you do? And so what if you don’t?
For my part, I will let TIME decide.

July 14, 2015