The Mahabharata Murders; A review

The Mahabharata Murders is the new book by the Arnab Ray, more popularly known as @greatbong to twitter users. The book is a murder thriller cum police procedural based in the City of Kolkata and is primarily narrated from the perspective of Ruksana Ahmed, Kolkatta police detective chasing a new Serial Killer.

The books is a fast paced read with the story moving along at a great clip and keeps you hooked. In the Traditions of good Crime thrillers, the murders are suitably grizzly and the supporting cast is peppered by interesting characters. The author does a great job at bringing alive the seedy and perverse cast of characters, all of whom draw you into the story and keep you engaged. The murder mystery is very intriguing and the author has done justice to the Mahabharata connection with the murders and the murderer. The mystery is well kept and the twist at the end is interesting, if not down right surprising. The ending is definitely divisive and how you look at it will depend on your world view. There are times, i wish, the central character was more deeply thrashed out. At times the atmosphere of the book is sacrificed at the altar of speed and thrills but these are minor irritants in a book which well worth a read.

All in all, one of the better Indian thrillers out there from a unique voice in the Indian writing scene, definitely recommended.

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