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Excellent article. I still remember the day I heard that “like” was going to be released outside the walls of Facebook to the rest of the Internet. I was giving a talk on social media and this broke the day before my presentation. I had to change things up to address this up front. At the time — I instinctively knew how huge this was going to be — I was really excited.

Certainly there have been side effects and unintended consequences of this evolution- and as noted it has given us some fascinating insights into our collective psyches- but overall I like the “like” — and I like that we don’t have a dislike. There is enough negativity in the world. I think angry face and sad face have filled in the needed void in enhancing the like feedback mechanism on FB. And beyond the FB wall — like — or our hearts on Medium — is enough. Trolls have enough ammo as it is. A thumbs down option I think would bring out the Mobs.

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