From $250K a year to nothing
Reji Eapen

It is so great to see someone tackling this huge issue in a great way. I know I was incredibly ignorant in terms of financial literacy until I started working in finance. My horror at discovering that my minimum credit card payment wasn’t really paying off my debt! (This is why Elizabeth Warren is a huge hero to me — requiring that small but on our bills that actually tells you what you would pay if you only make the minimum payment is incredibly important). My nephews are no better off — I remember having a conversation with my eldest nephew as to how much money he would need to live on his own and he thought rent would be like around 300 dollars a month (he lives in Northern California!!). This is one of the most important issues facing children and adults. I wish you all the best in helping us all rise up and better understand this critical information which makes such a difference in how well we live our lives.

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