It seems like every where I turn, someone I love is freaking out about what they ate and how they were either “good” or “bad”. Leaving so much of their happiness based on what they ate.

When we run our own business, we can go into overwhelm easily (esp. if you aren’t taking care of yourself). We can feel out of control and totally off track from our dream lifestyle.

You know what I’m talking about, being able to work in your biz, have the freedom to work out on your schedule, easy delicious healthy food and have tons of adventure + fun. Hell yes!

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In my past, when shit got out of control, I would start cracking down on all the areas that I thought needed improvement. This led to crash diets and excess exercise.

So today, I’m sharing why I think diets are making you fat and what you can focus on instead to actually make progress in your health. Plus you will get more energy + enthusiasm for your biz. Booyah!

I know it can be super confusing to know what to eat or how to do anything right these days with all the information out there about what is the BEST way.

But you seriously need to STOP STRESSING ABOUT WHAT YOU EAT. It’s not helping !

There is actually a bit of science behind my message. ( I love science! )

When you get all wigged out about what you eat, your body will release the stress hormone Cortisol. Your body is in panic mode. The blood needed to support your digestive system in this case gets sent to your extremities.

Which could also be another reason you can’t drop the spare tire around your waist. You know, the one peeking out from under your shirts.

Instead of stressing about what you put in your face, try this :

Think about the feelings that come up when you eat.

You eat when you are stressed, sad, happy, bored. Emotional eating has gotten a bad wrap.

And that’s shit. It an awesome way to learn what your body needs (even if it’s outside of your food.)

It’s not what you are eating thats making fat (well okay, if you eat shit everyday than probably) its the feelings that you aren’t “digesting”.

My challenge for you this week is to try to feel your feelings instead of thinking that hopping on another diet is the cure for your body image struggles. (Get support from moi. )

Be a rebel and enjoy your food!

How are your eating habits going? What pisses you off ? Share in the comments here

Originally published at on June 4, 2015.