Go with the Pattern

We are all looking for the kind of love we give, instead of trying to learn people and there ways to love we just clingy on to the one type of love we are known to.

When we are with our loved ones,we notice all there actions which we believe is a sign that they love us.

But what about the things we miss?

People love differently.

Everyone have there own pattern,that pattern develops through life experiences and as we all have different experiences in our life and we grow up around different circumstances.our way of showing love is different.

We almost learn people's habits but we miss learning them.which makes it more difficult to learn various types of human love cause the one human known to you is yourself.

Caring is love.

My mom says that the most easiest way to show love is to care and I agree to it.
But I don't have the same kind of relationship with all of them and some of them are not always with me or not always connected.

How will you you know if they love you?
Follow their Pattern.