11.06 PM, we went back to talking terms and it’s oddly satisfying. Not because I get to talk to you, but because you do not affect me anymore. I know I did complain I couldn’t enjoy anything or get excited at the idea of love or surprises, but when we talked today , my heart didn’t skip beats for you like it used to. It’s like I’m the free soul I was. You are still the same, not jn a good way same haan. But I’m happy and content today. Even when I saw you today, I wasn’t jumping or smiling at the thought of looking at you through the window that was stained with memories of us and days when we were happy.

My soul, like that sparrow, has fled through the cages your hands had made around it. I don’t know what to do next, but I do know that I will be unstoppable for a long time. I know I might need you a hundred times in a single day, but I’ll manage on my own, and I’ll still thank you for hurting me and no I don’t really mean to taunt you when I say it. You’ve been the best of best lessons until now, you have me a millions of things to realise and work upon. Supported me too but yeah it was the freeing that helped the most.

Thanks to my wayward Ex.



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