Once you try riding , there is only one outcome!

Rebel’s Rants
Oct 31, 2016 · 5 min read

Remember your first love, nah, not the Nicholas Sparks paperback or Shakespeare-an kind of love. By ‘Love’ I mean a passion, a hobby, a sport, may be an art form, may be even with a person.
May be you feel LOVE is too loaded a term ……try replacing the word love with infatuation and see if something comes to your mind….

To help you ,I’ll describe a few characteristics of this emotion and experience…..see if it makes sense….
1) You never expected that it would happen in the first place….
2) You wish that you could undo the first time of this experience, so you could experience the whole thing all over again. …
3) You can’t get enough of it .
4) You want to mention your love for this activity or person on any opportunity you get, because it kind of defines you in a way.
5) Logic has little place in your love and fascination .

That’s a rather long prelude to something that should have been obvious given the blog that you are reading.

I’m talking about the love for biking or motor-cycling and then simply micro analyzing it.
The reason for this digression is simple , it helps me and you understand why something seemingly as simple as Bike Riding can be so liberating .

Since this is the first post ,I would want to start with the how I fell in this ‘LOVE’ and want to make everyone fall in it too.

Everything about the following story I’m gonna tell is routine except that, it isn’t.

I was in my early twenties working in an MNC in Mumbai , and a routine ‘office trip‘ to Alibaug was planned of which I agreed to be a part of. The whole bunch comprised of about 15 people. It was gonna be a regular “rent a Scorpio for two days” kinda thing . With some divine intervention expressed via human form , a colleague suggested that we take bikes up-till ‘Bhaucha Dhakka’ ( a wharf located in South Mumbai) near Dockyard Road , ferry the bikes to Alibaug on a mid sized tourist boat and explore Alibaug on our own terms and on our own wheels.

They asked me, if I was game for Bike riding, I din’t have a motorcycle back then ,so that was my only reservation . They said they will arrange one . They got me a modest Pulsar 150 which was 10k kms old. Until that time I rode my dads 4 gear 4 stroke Honda Eterno. But lets be honest Eterno doesn’t cut it for a guy in his early twenties looking for thrill and adventure . All Eterno spells out is ‘ vehicle to fetch weekly supply of veggies without much fuss’.

To be honest , I hadn’t ridden more than 100 km over all in my life on a motorcycle, so this moment was akin to ‘Achievement Unlocked ‘ .
I accepted the offer with enough gratitude that showed my keen interest in being part of this trip which involved a lot of girls and motorcycles but slightly less enthusiasm that showed that ‘this is the first opportunity for me to long ride on bike and I would throw in my cell phone in exchange for this opportunity’ .

In the first leg of the trip , I took the bike from Matunga Road to Dockyard road, nothing special here. Mumbai Lad on Mumbai road , swagger level may be 2x , cuz pulsar 150 > Eterno . I loaded the bike onto a ferry along with other members of the crew, unloaded it at Alibaug.

The actual trip begins here and the magic also begins here , while I was riding, I touched speeds of about 90–100 Kmph ( for the first time) on long narrow stretch of road with very less traffic sprinkled along the stretch . While on this short road segment, I lost track of a lot of things for e.g. the time , the place, my fellow bikers and the purpose of the whole trip. Its not that I din’t care about any of these , but rather lost track of all of the above mentioned. It took some screaming from my pillion in her high pitched voice to snap me back to reality.

I took a stock of the situation and realized everything is in place except that I had detoured about 23 km. I was in the ‘zone ‘ for about 17 -18 mins.

That’s a lotta time for a guy who suffers from ADHD . I pondered for a moment that how could it be that I was so much in the activity . I suspended the thought at that moment and continued the ride.

The terrain of the rest of the route was a mix of well constructed roads with some small segments with sinuous curves in the middle of the small towns. The curves were of the kind which are not too dangerous and not too predictable either. All this on a motorcycle was a first time for me and I was taking it all in . Living every moment of this riding experience …..

Them Curves

I finished that spell of riding with about 52 km of riding with avg speed of about 60 KMPH and top speed of 118 Kmph.

The statistics hardly matter here , what matters is what that Motorcycling experience did to me . It made me find a way to travel , explore , escape to anywhere and from anything.

Fast forward to today and here I am describing this experience that hardly does justice to what can only be called the most accessible way to experiencing ‘Now’.

The good news is that anyone can do it , all you need is half decent pair of wheels under your buttocks and on a half decent route.

I at RebelRides (rebelrides.in) feel lucky to be in the business of making people like you have this experience on your terms on the ride of your choice.

We try that you have this experience on motorcycles which are meant to do justice to this beautiful thing called Motorcycing . And hence we pilot this venture with 3 bikes in Mumbai that we think are apt to make any motorcycle fantasy come true.

Namely:Harley Davidson 883 , Royal Enfield Bullet 500 and My personal Favorite: Royal Enfield Himalayan.

I welcome you as a prospective customer , partner , associate or may be just a viewer from the fence in this endeavor of ours.

-Akash Sachdev

CoFounder | Operations Head | Chief Rider @ Rebelrides.in

Rebel’s Rants

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Musings from rebelrides.in garage while and after motorcycling! RebelRides is Premium Motorcycle Rental company having its operations in Mumbai , India

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