Such is Life

We are born hard rocks. And as we grow older, we are weathered by the water of experience, chipped by the pick of love, and molded by the hands of fate. As we tumble through this thing called life, we find ourselves changing constantly but that cannot be helped. Just as water flows, such is our fate. In an ever changing time and an ever changing environment, experience cannot be helped. We will come to know love and hate, joy and depression, unity and loneliness, inclusion and exclusion. Such is life when we live to our fullest potential and such is life when we grow to be old and wise. Regrets are for those who have not lived and so you must try to catch all the proverbial waves. To know that the balance of life comes from both yin AND yang is to know the meaning of life. To remember experience as wisdom is to allow for painful memories of the past to take a new form as you now possess the power of advice and with it you mold better lives for others and a life of content for yourself. Without pain, how can we know pleasure? All these things and more are a fact of life and so as a stone, we roll.

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