Most Reliable Tips to Hire a Wedding Videographer in San Francisco

Are you planning for a destination wedding in San Francisco? Hope you are ready to take it to the next level. The food, decor, dress, music and everything are going to take up your time. One thing we can assure you about is that it’s going to be pretty even with the simplest of decors.

However, you need to hire a wedding videographer to make sure that you capture everything. If you need tips on how to plan a wedding, do read our blog for some awesome insights from our profession’s.

We are not that sure about other vendors, but wedding videography and photography are what we specialise in at REB6Studios. If you haven’t already hired a wedding videographer, we’ve got a list of things that you need to keep in mind before you finalise things.

7 Tips to Hire a Wedding Videographer in San Francisco

1. Go for a Local Videographer

Destination weddings are usually at a location that is new for everyone, especially the bride and groom. You might have finalised a location based on a few pictures that you have seen online or have already attended a function at that place.

Destination weddings are popular because of the scenic advantages they offer. However, you need to hire a wedding videographer who is local. Or choose a videographer in California that has some prior experience with the location.

Working with local vendors will be beneficial because they are already aware of the best angles, locations and timings. In order to capture the moments, the videographer should be proficient and knowledgeable enough to know about the best angles, optimum lighting and timings.

For example: Having a beach wedding? It will be a shame to not take advantage of sunset or sunrise. If you are getting married in a castle, there might be some hidden gems in the castle nooks and crooks that you are not aware of. Locals know the area best and a professional local is worth all the hard work.

2. Time to Play Sherlock Holmes

By local we are not saying that you should stick to one vendor only. You have to check out multiple wedding videographers in San Fransisco to find the best one. There are multiple steps and checkboxes that are needed to be ticked off just to finalise on the vendor.

You need to start from the reviews, previous work, ratings, budget and there will be many more pointers that will follow. Make an excel sheet with all the fields that you need as an attribute in your wedding photographer. After that, you need to put your stalker skills to good use. Just kidding, but you do need to find good photographers and shortlist them.

Check multiple websites, freelancers and vendors that have a good portfolio. keep in mind that Thorough research and development are required for shortlisting the best wedding videographers.

3. Is the Wedding Videographer the One For You?

After shortlisting the wedding videographers of California, you need to choose the one that calls to you. Not talking about a phone call, choose a wedding videographer that shares your thoughts and ideas.

Communicate your requirements and expectations directly. Are you looking for more fun and quirky videos? Will they be able to match your style? What do you want? A cinematic wedding videographer will be more suitable if you want your story portrayed like a short movie.

However, for a candid and minimalistic approach, you might want to hire a wedding videographer that matches your vision. He should capture more behind the scenes shots instead of going the traditional way.

4. Trust the Professionals

As mentioned above, you should do your research and communicate your expectations with the wedding videographer. They should know what you want but you should not share the work of other professionals as a reference.

Images and ideas are great but you need to trust the professionals. They are already working in this industry and are aware of all the styles of wedding videography. Until the professional asks you directly, do not share links or pictures of what you want.

Share your ideas, a few pictures here and there are okay but let the other party also share their ideas. As mentioned above, communication is the key. If things do not align even after all the discussions about ideas, wedding videography trends and your vision, you can hire another wedding videographer.

5. What Do They Bring to the Table?

One of the main attributes that you need to look for in videographers is the type of wedding videography services they provide. There are tons of trends that are successful in the market but you have to find the ones that work for you.

It all depends on what you want and expect. Do not try to get everything done just because a website told you that it is in trend. It is your day and you get to choose whatever you want.

Not all wedding videographers provide all services. You need to keep your demands as clearly as you can.

To give you a basic idea about the style of wedding videography currently popular, we have a blog that you can refer to here. Services available at our studio include Trailer, teaser, highlights short film, full movie & raw footage and many more. If you want more details, please feel free to reach out to us at, we’ll be more than happy to help.

6. Cost and Delivery

Budget is the most important aspect when it comes to wedding planning. You need to get proper rate cards from your wedding videography professionals. Ask the vendor to be transparent about the wedding videographer rates. Ask them about all the additional changes, requirements, reimbursement in case of any issues with the contract and even the travel cost. It is better if you ask them for a rate card or package deals if they provide any. Package deals are usually slightly easy on the pocket.

After the budget talk is out of the way, it is time to discuss the delivery or turnaround time. Discuss it in the first meeting only. Ask them about the things they can deliver early and the things that will take time. For example, ask them if they share raw footage or not, if yes, by when can you expect it to be shared.

It won’t really be worth it if you hire a wedding videographer and he doesn’t deliver work on time. What will you post on social media if the vendor will deliver a wedding video after 2 years? (We know, stretching it but just imagine the horror.)

7. License + Legal Formalities

Drone footage and shots look really pretty in weddings, right? But do you know that wedding videographers are required to earn a license in order to fly one? If you are expecting a drone flying around the venue at your wedding make sure that you hire a wedding videographer who is a licensed drone pilot.

Other than the drone, you might want to make sure that the music for any video or trailer that the videographer puts in the background, there is no copyright strike. Ask them if they use original songs or if there is a way to use free songs or samples.

All these legal formalities might look small but can create a ruckus if not handled carefully. But the good thing here is, that you do not need to involve yourself in all this. Ask the wedding videographer to make sure all these things are taken care of. The best wedding videographers already have these requirements sorted but it never hurts to ask.

Get it all documented instead of taking a word for the services expected. It is better to get all this in writing under a special clause of your contract. Both parties should keep things as transparent as they can. This will save you from all the unnecessary headaches later on.


Weddings can be tiring and nobody understands it better than the person planning their own wedding. All the wedding guests and family attending will only see the bigger picture. However, as a bride or groom, you get the duty to make it flawless. It is supposed to be your day.

Our only advice is to hire professionals that you can trust. You should take everything up on your shoulders. Do not shy away from taking help from your loved ones. Mark our words, they’ll happily take away as many duties as they can if it helps you stress a little less. It is a joyous occasion, you need to step away for a bit and breathe.

These are the most reliable tips from professionals to hire the best wedding videographers in San Francisco. We have tried to cover all the aspects that you need to keep in mind while hiring a wedding videographer. And we hope all the things that we have mentioned helped you in some way. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have questions :)

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