There are a tons of tools in the world to automate tasks like linting, building, packaging, etc. These tools are mostly run from the command line but if you are using VSCode, you can run the tasks without having to leave the editor. Moreover, vanilla VSCode can auto-detect tasks for Gulp, Grunt, Jake and npm.

You may ask how about other build tools? For example, Rubyists usually use Rake to automate their workflow but can they have the same experience as those Node tools? Definitely yes! VSCode provides API for extension authors to implement tasks auto detection with ease.

We already added Rake tasks auto detection in Ruby extension for VSCode. Let’s see how easy it is to make it happen. …

In Visual Studio Code, you can toggle the visibility of view parts through Command Palette or your favorite key shortcuts with ease

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As you can see from above image, we have 11 Toggle commands builtin but they are never enough. We kept receiving feature requests (13385, 16174, 17421, 20024, 20176, 21754) similar to

About 3 months ago, after I got back from Luna New Year, I noticed that we have quite a few feature requests for Toggle xyz. Then I talked to my coworkers Wade and Chris during lunch time, “How about creating a command which can toggle whatever you have in your settings file?”. They showed their interest in this command but I was busy (lazy, more accurately) at that time so I didn’t even spend 1 hour on it…

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Code snippets are templates that make entering repeating code patterns easier. Visual Studio Code has this feature from the very beginning (before 1.0). If you haven’t given it a try yet, you may want to read our awesome guidance on Creating your Own Snippets first, it will just take your 5 minutes and you’ll love it.

Share Custom Snippets — The Old Way

Snippets in VS Code are defined in a JSON format and stored in a per user (languageId).json file (similar to your User Setting file). …



Peng Lv. SDE @VSCode.

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