Tip: Tweaking Facebook Ad Images to Fit the 20% Text Overlay Rule

Image credit: freeimages.com

Working with Facebook ad images to fit the 20% text overlay prerequisite takes some design strategy — placing text to a corner so that you won’t occupy too many grid boxes, removing superfluous copy and so on.

However, when the text overlay tool still indicates that your ad image has way too much text, what can you do to get from “high” to “low” or “OK” if you’ve already done your best to cut away text?

Our team found out a simple tweak that many may not have realised, and this tweak has been proven to work: fade away or remove the hard lines from your Facebook ad image. It appears that the text overlay tool will identify lines and hard outlines to be text, and so reducing them or removing harsh outlines from your background or visual will do the trick.

Note that this doesn’t apply to actual text because Facebook personnel (ie. real humans) will give your ad image another check even when it is running.

Try it! We’ve put this to the test in two scenarios and it has worked.

By Rebecca Ling, Ellen Koo and Beatrice Hidalgo