What to do on Sunday…

Join some campaigns, go to a local church fayre, share the truth.

This week, our Walthamstow MP voted for airstrikes, against my and many others wishes. This is her prerogative. I’m not inclined to hear any more about the reasons, and I’ve already spent half my week correcting the lies of the media about how I protested my position against bombing. Stella knows how I feel- In the last year, I’ve written to her three times — about military action, the arms trade and refugees. I haven’t recieved replies to my questions.

If there’s a meeting on Sunday I’m not sure I’ll be there. Here’s what I’ll spend my time doing — taking steps towards safer lives for us, and safer lives for Syrian people. What the motion voted on in Parliament talked about, but hasn’t yet acted on.

“Cut Sources of Finance”. Arms to the region fuel the terrorism.

Spread the message, join the campaign, fight against arms sales to Saudi Arabia. They are the UK’s biggest client, and our taxes subsidise this. Join CAAT — hell, we could even set up a local group!! Who’s in?

The Amnesty campaign to stop UK weapons killing civilians in Yemen is here…

“Humanitarian Support for Syrian Refugees”

Sign the petition to the Home Secretary to establish immediately a sponsorship programme so those ordinary British people that want to help are able to do so. Promised by the Home Secretary, not delivered as yet.

Contact Citizens UK to help out with local actions towards a better reception from the local council. There are many other things you can do locally here and if you want to keep in touch, send me a message.

Allowing Syrians immediate family reunion… ensuring safe passage… many things will make Syrians safer and in the long term us safer too. Join Refugee Action’s campaigns.

Tell the truth. When you hear people twisting stories, tell the truth.

Join Walthamstow’s local Stand Up to Racism group.

Protests against the EDL, mosque open days, refugee support. Local actions bringing us closer together.

Listen to Syria. Share what you hear.

Go to St Barnabas’ Church Fayre!

The Reverend Steven Saxby has had a hell of a week… and there will surely be cake there.

Enjoy Walthamstow. If you want to keep in touch, do this.

Thanks x