Bands I’ve Broken Up With

This week’s All Songs Considered had a great premise: bands that you’ve broken up with. So here are my categories and answers. It was hard picking a single band for a lot of these categories, but it was fun!

Quick, intense, passionate fling that you got over quickly: Gotye

I was so obsessed with this album when it came out and while I still do love it, I tired of it quickly. Poor Gotye, a giant star, then gone.

Band you broke up with: Green Day

Yes, I loved them as a kid, but I’ve found that any time they are on the radio, I find a new station. Guess I’m over you, guys. I may have had your band t-shirts and remember using a Zippo lighter a friend gave me to hoist up during your concerts (for concerts lie, it’s never been used for any other purpose). But it’s over and has been for quite some time.

Band that broke up with you: Phantom Planet

Boys, I wasn’t ready for the break-up. I know the line-up changed throughout your years, but I was with you through most of it and loved everything you put out. Please, do a reunion tour (and not just a random show in LA like you did a few years back).

Band that you’re over, but you can still look back upon fondly: Rooney

I can’t hear the start of “Blueside” without having a giant grin plastered on my face. This band started it all for me in terms of concert-going and expanding my musical horizons. They broke up and recently got back together, with just the lead singer staying the same. I saw the new band a few months back and while I loved that they played the old hits, it wasn’t the same. The new music is alright, but I’ve moved on. They will still always hold a special place in my heart.

Band you are embarrassed you ever loved: 98 Degrees

It was the 1990s and boy bands were all the rage. Most girls fought over Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC, but I was that weirdo that liked 98 Degrees more. I mean, Nick Lachey was so attractive to young Rebecca. *sigh*

Band that no one understand why you are in love with: Leslie Hall

I found out about Leslie Hall from some blogger and it was weird love at first sight. She’s so odd, so weird, so kooky. I couldn’t help fall in love with her and her lyrics are empowering. The problem is that no one seems to love her the way that I do. I’ve tried, ohhhhhhh, I’ve tried to get others to love her. But it seems that it’s just going to be a love affair between the two of us.

Band you’ll always stand by: Weezer

Sigh, Weezer. I admittedly came to them after “Blue” and “Pinkerton” were out, but boy, did I eat it up when I found it. I became obsessed in high school and frankly, still am. I regularly listen to those albums and yes, even some of their newer ones. Are they a lot poppier than when they started? Yeah. Does their new stuff stack up to the early stuff? Of course not. That doesn’t stop me from adoring Rivers Cuomo (his face and voice? Swoon!) and this band.

Band you don’t want to tell people about because if they hate them, you’re not sure what you’d do: Margot and the Nuclear So and Sos

I honestly don’t know how I discovered this band, but I saw them for the first time live in my first few months in college. It was the first time I saw a band at the First Unitarian Church in Philly. I was smitten from the start and it was a deep, passionate love. I still adore them, even after the band size went from 10+ to 4ish (with the lead singer Richard being the real force behind the whole band). Each of their albums are special and unique. Many people know I love them, but they feel so special and personal to me that I don’t talk about it a ton because if people don’t get it, it would feel almost like a personal insult. And we named our cat after this band, so yeah, I clearly adore them.

So those are my categories. I’d love to know what other people would choose!