A Basic Godot-Rust Structure

Tom Leys
Tom Leys
Sep 21, 2019 · 2 min read

After posting Gorgeous Godot games in Rust I have had some questions about how to structure a Godot and Rust project. I’m only just starting on my own, but I thought I would share.

My project (which is in /game/ in my repo) looks like this

The scripts you see below are primarily using the node root/Root/Ships above. They create subscenes under that for each ship. Then inside each ship a floor and various modules are created.

My source project structure currently looks like this.

Godot-rust and Cobalt (UDP networking) are in the rs/lib folder. Each of these is a “Git Submodule” in my repository. That means I can lock it to a specific commit (for each of my commits) and can make mods and push them back upstream very easily.

My code is in the rs/sg folder (Space Game)

The game folder contains the Godot project.

My projects are:

  • sg_simulation (which is pure simulation, tested with unit tests. It has few dependencies)
  • sg_net (Uses sg_simulation, pulls in UDP networking and exposes server/client functionality)
  • sg_server (Standalone server, can also be run as a client. Pulls in sg_simulation and sg_net)
  • sg_core (This library is used by Godot, it pulls in sg_simulation, sg_net)

Inside sg_core, the cargo.toml file looks like this

Then the sg_core contains lib.rs. I decided to put all the classes exposed to godot into a module called “bridge” I could even move the function “init” if I wanted to. To understand how this file has been split out, you need to understand how rust modules work.

Floor tiles for instance looks like this

I hope this gives you some ideas on how you can structure and break up your own work.

Tom Leys

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Tom Leys

Making a space game

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