Will someone please tell this 69 year old woman who’s had more sex that you can possibly imagine…
Judy Ann Giorchino

Oh… and can that same charitable bringer of elucidation also explain to this 31-year-old bloke what a millenial actually is… because I’m pretty sure that someone born on the millenium would only be 16, now, which is a perfectly fine age for one to still be satisfied with their own two hands.

Actually, this social pressure to “have sex” is patently absurd — much like the unfair pressure on all women to “make babies”. If someone, of any generation, chooses to live their life free of the attachment and commitment and emotional issues that always come with a sexual partner, who are we to judge them? Why is “virginity” (of the partner-involving intercourse strain, because there are many virginities…) such a stigma?

I’m married. I’ve had sex. It’s honestly no big deal. I give my wife what she wants but only out of love for her — it’s a pretty selfless gift.

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