The Recast Enablement Program: Meet Cohort #4!

Recast Capital
3 min readMar 8, 2022

by Courtney McCrea and Sara Zulkosky, Co-Founders & Managing Partners of Recast Capital

We started our Enablement Program to empower the next generation of venture capitalists. The tuition-free initiative provides guidance for emerging fund managers on firm-building and fundraising strategies — all in a hands-on, engaged, and caring community. Recast’s program continues to be a powerful complement to our fund investment strategy, increasing opportunities outside our network and enabling us to support more and more managers.

We welcome cohorts of about a dozen participants per term, who each and together reflect the diversity we aim to increase in the venture industry at large. Since officially launching in 2020, we have welcomed over 52 funds, 81% of which are led by at least one GP who identifies as a woman, and 56% of which are led by at least one GP of color.

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve kicked off our 4th cohort of the Enablement Program! It’s our pleasure to highlight the extraordinary emerging funds spending time with us this session:

Anathem Ventures: Investing in new, proprietary, and valuable technology with strong intellectual property protection and demonstrated focus on high-margin markets.

Beta Boom: Investing in software startups across the U.S. that are building the future for women, Black, Latinx and other ethnic minority consumers.

Capitalize VC: Investing in Black and Latinx founders leading technology and CPG companies through a traditional VC model that incorporates an additional pathway to earlier potential returns.

Company Capital: Strategic venture capital partner for fintech, commerce, and enabling infrastructure.

Coyote Ventures: Investing in early-stage startups innovating in women’s health and wellness.

Cyphr: Investing in third wave technology, including fintech, web 3.0 and regulated industries.

ex/ante: Investing in novel technology that advances democratic values and individual rights.

Fiat Ventures: Investing in the next generation of market leading, early-stage companies in the fintech space.

REFASHIOND Ventures: Investing in and championing companies refashioning global supply chains.

Sana Capital: Investing in and actively partnering with entrepreneurs and growth-stage businesses to remedy healthcare gaps.

The Artemis Fund: Investing in female innovators in fintech, e-commerce infrastructure, and care-tech companies.

The Urban Resilience Studio: Investing in climate tech startups for inclusive and sustainable cities.

We’ll be opening up applications for our Fall 2022 session in a few months — sign up for our newsletter and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter to hear first!


Recast Capital is a 100% women-owned venture capital platform that invests in and supports top-tier emerging fund managers, with a focus on diverse partnerships. The platform was built to drive returns and create substantive change in the venture industry. Founded by seasoned, institutionally-trained fund investors Courtney McCrea and Sara Zulkosky, Recast Capital leverages its deep network and exceptional track record to provide its limited partners diversified exposure to top-performing emerging managers, as well as access to a pipeline of the future’s industry-leading franchises. Recast also launched the Enablement Program as a powerful complement to its fund investment strategy; the program provides learning and development opportunities for emerging managers in venture. Learn more at



Recast Capital

Recast Capital is a platform that both supports and invests in emerging managers in venture, with a focus on diverse partnerships.