3:6:5 (The Album), My 365 Day Project

I’ve always enjoyed music. I bought my first stereo from the JC Penney catalog (Similar image). Speakers that were four feet tall with turntable, dual cassette decks, and an eight track player fulfilled my music need! I waited patiently for Casey’s Top 40 countdown so that I could push the record and pause button at the exact time to capture as much of the song and as little of the host’s voice as possible.

Fast forward to my college years, it took me most of the summer to save for an Onkyo receiver and JBL 2600 speakers along with a Sony 5 Disc changer set. Having a loud stereo system in your dorm room in the 1980s was a must.

I’ve also written about how music can truly add positivity to the creation process (insert work time playlists) and get an audience into a positive mood as a presentation is about to begin. I’ve also been to hundreds of sporting events, and music always sounds better at sporting events. I even contribute to a “Home Field” Flipboard magazine that includes music.

As I looked into blue tooth speakers for a 2016 Christmas present, I was amazed at the robust sound that escapes a 2" by 5" complete speaker system. Combine that with iTunes Music which, for a small monthly fee, grants you access to almost every song on the planet and one has musical choices that can satisfy every listening desire.

I’ve admired people who have been able to create a 365 Project with photos and such. I tried and failed.

I may have finally found a 365 Project that fits me.

I’m going to post a song that I like every day. A song that fits what’s going on in my life. A song that I want to listen to multiple times during the day. I’m choosing 2017, because there will be change in our family. My oldest son is graduating from high school and will be heading to college. This event will change our family in many ways. There should be some great days for some interesting musical choices. I’m viewing it as my personal album, as I’ve always wanted to be in a band. I created my album cover using Canva. The background image is of the lake that our family has grown up enjoying each summer. I will also be using the WorkflowHQ app to post the songs efficiently to Instagram and Twitter.

My Rules:

  1. Song Will Be From Any Genre, Any Time Period
  2. The songs won’t be totally clean. I’m not sure if there is a song out there that won’t offend someone. All the songs I listen to, aren’t perfect. A great reason to need a Savior!
  3. Song Will Be Added To a Public iTunes Music Playlist
  4. Song Title, Artist, and Album Cover will be posted to Instagram (request to follow) and Twitter within the 24 hours of each day.
  5. Numbering System of the songs: 1/365, 2/365, 3/365, …
  6. There can be no repeat songs on the list. New song every day!
  7. I’ll be using #365SOTD (365 Song of the Day) on Instagram and Twitter
  8. The list and the process won’t be perfect. I’ll do my best to be consistent.
  9. I won’t miss a day. (Yikes, That’s laying it out there!)

Come along for the ride! The process and the songs could be just what you need when you need it.

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