My journey to becoming a world-class software developer has been incredibly amazing, how should I state this…. I can’t say that this has been luck no way. let me just say its destiny, when everything around you is just falling in place, where you don’t have to struggle, its as if every step I take on this journey is ordained by the lord. starting from my LFA to my group members and everyone and everything around me.

We have been working on the Boot-camp challenges remotely without knowing who is our LFAs and honestly, that thought is quite intriguing, I would sometimes wonder whom my LFA going to be and I was really looking forward to knowing him/her, seriously curiosity was killing me. On our first day of bootcamp, I kept on asking when are we getting LFAs ?? I was really looking forward to that, time to be introduced to our LFAs came and boom guesses what the man himself John Seremba is my LFA……I jumped for joy.

I couldn’t be much happier, having John as my LFA thats all I needed on this wonderful Journey. With John, It is like hitting a Jackpot I am was going to learn a lot of things. I have been very lucky to meet and interact with John before the Bootcamp started am telling you this man is really a hot cake when it comes to coding I admire him and he inspires me a lot. The most Important thing I like about him is that he’s selfless man, he shares what he knows wholeheartedly,he doesn’t spoon feed people, he tells you what to do and guides you all the way through, with him you will definitely learn and gain more knowledge and he makes sure you have understood not just cramming. With him you will definitely never be the same, what else can I ask for. he supports teamwork building and collaboration and strives for excellence. Thank you, John, for being a wonderful and great person that you are.

After we were introduced to our LFAs, we were grouped and I was just seeing names for the first time and I didn’t know how these people looked like and I was very eager to meet them, its always a such an honor for me to meet new people and teammates, while I was still looking around for my teammates, Beatrice walked up to me in total confusion, hey Rachael…. you are the only person I know in my group and I don’t know where to find others, I was like thank God you came I am also looking for them. Join me and look for them. We finally found them. we met with our LFAs introduced ourselves to each other. To tell you the truth, we have the best group ever with brilliant minds, they are very lively when you are around them you can even forget about all the trouble with bugs.
we were interacting on slack but we had never met personally and it was like meeting your old new friends.

These three of my teammates (slack handles:@Emma, @Beatrice, and @polos) have shown extreme support on slack fro the day we met as a group. I really like how they have been responding to some of the challenges I have been encountering and raising on slack so far. They have shown very good collaboration coupled with teamwork traits, with brilliant suggestions to solutions of some the problems, provide resources which is, with no doubt, very impressive.
I believe that my team is the best team to work with because you will never feel being left behind because we work together as a team in solving each other’s blockers as they arise

working remotely with teammates

I can also confidently say that we are getting along so well and by the end of this bootcamp week one, we will have connected and built a strong team that is ready for week two challenge. I have realized that teamwork is very essential in project development and delivery and together if we work as a team, we can make magic to happen through learning from each other and sharing knowledge. Leveraging our work is also key in making sure that one is not overwhelmed by working alone and asking questions when one is stuck.

My LFA also has been awesomely great in handling the issues I proactively raised as blockers during this first week of boot camp. He has been responding to my questions, concerns, giving the most honest feedback on my progress so far and this has made me proceed well in handling the challenges of the boot camp. This has shown me clearly that John is a person who believes in teamwork, appreciates excellence, and believes in doing things the right way and asking for clarifications when necessary. He also appreciates the progress of others.

With this experience so far I strongly believe we are going to make a difference as a group, together we can,and for john we will strive for excellence make you proud of your team

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