The No. 1 Predictor Of Career Success According To Network Science
Michael Simmons

I totally agree with the article. It kinda reflects my current mindset.

This is why I keep meeting new people with lots of brilliant ideas, for I believe that I will learn a lot from them based on their perspectives. Because of that I keep joining hackathons across the globe and learn from them from time to time.

I am very passionate in my chosen career right now, so for most of the time, I like to brainstorm ideas, I don’t settle with my current skills, I kept myself hungry and foolish just like Steve Jobs did.

I am very curious in everything. Especially when it comes to technologies. Maybe that’s the very reason why I am successful in my chosen career right now.

I think, this article can be simplified into 3 things:

  • Passion
  • Curiosity
  • Creativity

It’s worthy to take note that brilliant scientists like Albert Einstein had the same level of curiosity like Steve Jobs that is why he accomplished a lot.

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