Stop generalizing IT people!

I was frustrated at how they generalized IT people as geeks. While some of us can stand and be proud that they’re called the legendary term ‘geek’, I’d rather be not one of them. Yes, I used to be proud of this title, but when I started to get socialized with people more often, the term is just unbearable when I see people started asking me about IT in general. It all started when I started to travel from different places in my country, and connecting with people for the sole purpose of widening my understanding.

When I traveled to cities which are technology-progressive, I received positive feedbacks in us. While in less-modernized cities we are considered crazy and introvert. Oh c’mon!

There are different kinds of IT people. Same as through with our profession. You cannot generalize it by just saying IT just fixes computers. And that’s it. We’re generally just fixers of your workstation computers. It’s demoralizing. It’s unbearable.

I said to them. Just as how they define IT in general they also tend to generalize people who took the IT profession as well. So if you’re an IT, you’re automatically a ‘geek’.

People often define geek as someone who is obsessed with computers, gadgets and electronic stuff that tends to have their own world. Also, if you’re a geek, they’re gonna see you as one of the geniuses like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and any figurehead that revolutionizes the modern technology and make lots of fortune. But what’s unbearable is more so often they consider you as a “crazy person who has his/her own world with little or no social life and socially awkward to society. In short, an introvert. A stereotype.”. So uncool.

Today, I’m going to break the silence in this issue. We stand corrected, for we IT people have also diversified personalities. There are IT people who can mingle with people just fine, we can also be extrovert if we wanted to be. Just like any other person, we can adapt and mingle with people. Other IT people just tend to become 100% introvert and don’t give a fuck to the world. But do not generalize use with those people.

We IT people have diversified personalities. We can adapt. We can mingle. But we have a choice whether to mingle with the crowd or just rather be alone thinking of new ideas to become the next big thing. We also decide for ourselves what’s best for us.

Again, please stop generalizing us. We’d love to be called genius if you wanted to. Our job in the first place is not easy. Each and every time the technology evolves, we need to relearn again.

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