Thanks for your response Sonny Recio.
Abhishek Chakraborty

Yes. I agree on that as well. When I tried the chrome plugin in a few days, I stopped browsing facebook in just a few minutes. So in a way the main culprit here is the newsfeed where it contains stories of the people we’re close with.

It’s designed to be addictive

When we apply psychology into the equation, it’s evidently clear that we’re social animals no matter how introvert the person is. The fact remains that we feel good when we’re recognized and noticed(through likes, shares, messages, notifs, etc.). We also like to get some juicy stories of our closest friends and acquaintances(in a form of gossips, personal private relationships, expose some of their secrets to social media and share it personally with everyone through gossip). Facebook applied that advantage to the app. Thus, they’ve succeeded to make it more addictive.

The main irony of social media like facebook is, it should unite the people together through communication over the internet. It isn’t actually. It fails miserably to do just that. People have their different opinions, they always wanted their opinions to be respected, to be highly valued, and most likely the one that should be the right one. Imagine those kinds of people mostly populate facebook. I bet there would be chaos.

If anything, I noticed that most of the time people were making barriers through facebook instead of building quality relationships. Time and time again, it doesn’t improve the relationships of the people around you. Most of the people get insecure of your accomplishments, and most people were given false news(which is now common nowadays in social media), and false viewpoint of the world we live in(most people only posts happy moments while discarding saddest moments. Cause really, who wants sad moments?).

I’ve been observing this for years now. It only does more harm than good. But yes. I believe social media can also do some good things. Things that can be advantageous on your part.

Social Media as Business

When you use social media to sell your products, improve your exposure to your potential consumers, sell your brand, it will definitely be a good thing.

Social Media as Career-boosting opportunity

This can also improve your credibility in your chosen field. For example, I’m using twitter to improve my credibility and exposure in my career by writing articles related to my field and sharing it. I also used twitter as a way to share my stories and articles I’ve made whether in wordpress or here in medium. Lastly, I used it to follow some people who gave me some quality news just like how I used some rss feeds tools.

Somewhat it’s a matter of how you bend social media to your will.


Still it’s made to be addictive

Social media is still about business to gain as much traffic as possible. I’m still connected with my friends despite of not using facebook as frequent anymore. I can also improve my social life physically by interacting with my friends. I believe by interacting personally, it will improve the quality of my relationships with them rather than using facebook.

And, I get more things done.